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Adventures in Closing

September 24 Well, the hiking adventure is basically over at this point. Still in Lukla, waiting for the weather to clear to the plane can come from Kathmandu. Been up since 5am and it's now nearly 7am, but it's nice. Maybe I'll get an extra day here, spend some time exploring around Lukla, that'd be… Continue reading Adventures in Closing

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Pooping at 4,300 Meters

September 16 4300 meters! Woo! (14,100 feet) Today was pretty chill. Started with a late breakfast at 7:30am, so slept in until about 7:15 which was nice for a change. Constantly tired here, maybe that's the altitude or could be something actually wrong with me. If I go home before I turn 26, I'm definitely… Continue reading Pooping at 4,300 Meters

A sunset over the islands of Cat Ba Island in Vietnam, one of the perks for working as an adventure guide for Asia Outdoors,
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Photo Memories

Have you ever gone through old photos on your computer or flipped through an old photo album? Have you ever relived moments through looking at photos, remembered things you wouldn’t have without the photo? Has looking at these photos made you, maybe just for a moment, wish you still had that lifestyle, that haircut, those… Continue reading Photo Memories