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I Pooped My Pants Last Night

September 22 I should ask for a Kindle the next time gifts are being given. I love reading and it would be handy to have a lot of books on one small tablet. Although I do like the feel of real books, it's not very practical to carry around 10 books while traveling. Pooped my… Continue reading I Pooped My Pants Last Night

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Pooping at 4,300 Meters

September 16 4300 meters! Woo! (14,100 feet) Today was pretty chill. Started with a late breakfast at 7:30am, so slept in until about 7:15 which was nice for a change. Constantly tired here, maybe that's the altitude or could be something actually wrong with me. If I go home before I turn 26, I'm definitely… Continue reading Pooping at 4,300 Meters

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Off Season Hiking to Samha

September 15 Home for the night, great pancakes here too! Half of hiking is digging through your bag in hopes that you can find that one thing you know is in there and it started on the top yet somehow made its way to the very bottom. The other half is griping about how many… Continue reading Off Season Hiking to Samha

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Take a Seat

Sometimes I have no motivation or willpower to make myself write. Going back through old writing prompts can sometimes spark my imagination, sometimes all it does is give me an excuse not to write a prompt this week. So instead of a new shiny writing prompt, here are some ones from years past. Prompt: Take… Continue reading Take a Seat