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Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Note: if ever doing an experience like this again, bring chapstick with sunblock. Severely chapped lips are the worst. They are so swollen and blistered, it hurts to open my mouth. Peeling off layers of lip skin is satisfying but painful and gross. Pretty sure lip blisters are one of the most horrifying things ever.… Continue reading Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable


Long Trail Journal 2

Back in August 2018, I decided to go hike the Long Trail with my dog, Benny. The trail starts at the very bottom of Vermont and winds its way up to the very top meeting with Canada. After hiking 270 miles with everything on your back, staying in one of the 25 shelters each night… Continue reading Long Trail Journal 2


Coffees and Hot Dogs

Road trip day one, a successful start. We didn’t kill each other after six hours of driving and only had to stop a few times for bathroom breaks and coffee. No one died, no one peed their pants, and Benny even settled down into the back seat. I gulped down multiple pumpkin-spice flavored coffees (in… Continue reading Coffees and Hot Dogs

Packing for a climbing multisport road trip is hard
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How Not To Pack

As exciting as road trips are, I absolutely hate the packing part of it. Maybe it’s the organization part of it I really hate. But whatever it is, I’d really rather have someone do it all for me, Luckily, I do. Well, almost. My boyfriend, Dan (who is awesome and you may get to meet… Continue reading How Not To Pack