Life Goals

The other day I finally sat down and wrote out some ideas for things I want to achieve in the next five years. Some of them are a bit crazy, some of them may not ever happen, and some of them are definitely going to happen.

One Year Goals December 2019

  • Send 20 query letters
  • Talk to agents about my novel
  • Climb a 5.12
  • Run a half marathon
  • Hike the Presidential Traverse
  • Flip 1 house with a partner
  • Have a more positive outlook on life
  • Be happier with who I am
  • Have a more concrete plan for van life written down
  • Own a motorcycle

Two Year Goals December 2020

  • Have my novel published
  • Send a 5.12 outside
  • Run an ultramarathon
  • Flip one house with or without a partner
  • Begin van life
  • Start business plan for future cafe

Five Year Goals December 2023

  • Begin work on a second book
  • Climb consistently, try a 5.13
  • Run 2 marathons, compete in 2 ultramarathons
  • Begin looking into buying a horse
  • Own the building for a cafe
  • Flip at least 2 more houses since 2020
  • Have a plan and growing retirement fund
  • Finish van life, maybe sell van
  • Travel internationally for 10 days at a time, 1-2 times per year