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Passing Clouds

Do you ever feel like the things you want to do in life are just passing dreams? Like no matter how you reach for them, no matter how hard you hold on to them they slip right through your fingers? It's like trying to hold a passing cloud. And until I do something that's what… Continue reading Passing Clouds

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Poems from the past

I found some old thumb drives the other day trying to clean up the house and just got around to seeing if they had anything of value on them. A few old photos, some old advertisements for the horse I had in high school, copies of the novel I'm forever working on, some writings from… Continue reading Poems from the past

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Spring time means…

After a week or horrible, terrible spring time weather, today finally feels like a spring day. The sun is out, the last remains of the snow is melting, the chickens have escaped their pen again, and the house is clean. Deep cleaning meant organizing the coffee cup shelves But probably not for long. I do… Continue reading Spring time means…