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Things We’ve Learned

Our first day in Iceland and we’ve already learned a few important lessons.

The first, airport beers are rediciously expensive and that a bar/resturant that only uses iPads for ordering is massively confusing and impersonal. The beers were pretty good, not worth the $12 we paid for them though.

A few beers and games before our flight out!

Our flight over was calm, even though our booked seats were not next to each other, we managed to persuade a few Icelandic guys traveling home to switch seats with us. I’ve learned that it’s way more fun to travel with some one than it is to travel by your self.

At least one of us got a nap in on the plane

We’ve also learned that trying to function on very little sleep is kinda hard. Dan and I managed to stay awake long enough to get our rental camper and go through all the hassles of renting a car. I think I may have fallen asleep a few times but we made it to the parking lot. Where things started to fall apart.

I had a bit of trouble backing out, and since Dan has yet to drive a standard, couldn’t help me out. We ended up asking one of the guys at Kuku Campers to back the thing out for us, but then we were golden. And I haven’t stalled once. Pretty impressed with myself for that one.

View of Reykjavik from a short walk around town.

Headed off to get a sim card for Dan’s phone and then searched for a lunch place. It was a cozy, cute little cafe in Reykjavik, like one I’d like to open some day. I ordered a salmon toast and a coffee, Dan got a burrito and coffee. Both were delicious and probably just what we needed in order to make the next leg of the trip until we could get a nap in. Grabbed a few things for breakfasts and lunches at a store called Bingo. Very weird discount grocery and miscellaneous item store. Reminded me of a dented can store, but delicious bread.

Salmon toast for breakfast/lunch.

Supplies with groceries and coffee in our stomachs we headed off to find our tenting ground. After a few wrong turns, another lesson learned it’s a bit confusing to navigate here we finally ended up at our first camping ground. And finally, gloriously, got to nap.

We woke up again around 5, still bright out! With renewed energy (from the nap and bag of chocolate m&ms and chocolate covered pretzels) we headed out to see what we could see.

Our beautiful little camper

I started taking a few random roads and some how we ended up at Reykjadalur Hot Spring Thermal River. Unfortunately we didn’t really know it was a thermal river until we were more than halfway through the hike to get there. So another lesson learned, bring bathing suits on all hikes.

Hot spring river.

We did get to stick our feet the river, which was incredibly warm and relaxing. There were loads of people there chilling in the water, we should have been smarter and maybe learned about where we were going, but next time we’ll know!

Some of the springs were at the boiling point

Finished up hiking around 7:30pm, still as bright as it would have been at 3pm. Drove around a few and then headed back to our campsite. Filled up on some water, paid for the site, and crawled into bed.

I did take another photo at 10:30pm, and it was still just as bright as it would have been at 3pm back home. Nestled down into the camper bed and promptly fell asleep with all the curtains pulled tight and an eye mask on.

What Iceland looks like at 10:30pm

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