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An Experience Shared

Sometimes I think the excitement of getting ready for a trip is almost as exciting as the actual trip.

It all started with Dan and I talking about what our next adventure should be. He hasn’t really been abroad before, and since he now had a shiny new passport, it was probably time to use it. I’m not sure who suggested first, me or him, but somehow we ended up on Iceland. I’ve always wanted to go, and the photos that kept popping up on both of our Reddit feeds made it seem like the right choice. (The relatively cheap tickets there might have helped too!)

A quick Google Image search and Iceland is immediately stunning.

We talked about it for a while, neither of us fully committing and buying the tickets. And for a while it seemed like that’s all we were going to do. Just talk about it.

One day though, I went and worked with my mom and after talking with her, I decided that it’s just money. And I would much rather be poor financially and rich with memories and experiences.

So I popped online, ordered up 2 direct flight tickets to Iceland and rented a camper for the 11 days we were going to be there.

I later picked Dan up from work (we were going to the climbing gym) and didn’t say a word, just showed him the conformation number. I think it took him a minute or two to figure out what he was actually looking at, then he got it.

We were going to Iceland!

With every packing list comes adventure!

And now we are less than a day away from leaving. I’ve been excited since I bought the tickets, and have been packing all day, well on and off for most of the day. Dan’s been talking about packing and itineraries since then too, so he’s pretty psyched.

I bought a bunch of snacks. Some unicorn fruit gummies since we’re adults and a book of Sudoku for Dan.

Pokemon and unicorn gummies since we’re adults.

We’re going to try and fit some of our climbing gear in, because it would be amazing to get to climb, even if it’s just one pitch, in Iceland. Hopefully it’ll all pack up well, I’m not too concerned though. When needed I can pack fairly light.

What I’m most excited about is finally, finally getting to share a complete adventure abroad with someone. Since I first got the travel bug, I have wanted to have a partner to go on an adventure with, someone I could share the mundane things about travel with. I’ve had friends and family visit me before, I’ve started adventures in places with friends I met there, but this is just a little different.

Can’t imagine doing this trip with anyone else!

I am so excited to go on this trip with someone I love so much. Traveling alone teaches you about yourself, but traveling with someone brings a whole new set of experiences and eyes to everything. I can not wait.

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