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I Pooped My Pants Last Night

September 22

I should ask for a Kindle the next time gifts are being given. I love reading and it would be handy to have a lot of books on one small tablet. Although I do like the feel of real books, it’s not very practical to carry around 10 books while traveling.

Pooped my pants last night at like 3 in the morning, so that was super fun. This place is killing my insides a bit, but totally worth it. I’d poop my pants a hundred more times if I got to keep doing trips like this.

Had Tibetan bread for breakfast, so good. It’s basically fried dough then you slather it with jam and honey.

Headed back up that hill on the right.

Saw the helicopter land from Henry’s mission to Mera Peak. I guess after the mission Henry’s prosthetic legs broke down so needed a rescue out, or at least an easier way out. We then headed out, it was uphill all day, so a bit rough, but not as terrible as I initially thought.

Walking along the river, easy stroll, then it got steep!

The start was pretty mellow, got some really cool photos and hiked along the river, then upwards. Stopped for lunch at the same tea house we had stopped at before, I got the fried potatoes again with an egg and that delicious chili sauce. Still just as good the second time around.

Potatoes and chile sauce never get old!

Played some Candy Crush with Astani, our bonding game, then headed out after taking lunch for about 2 hours. One the way out it started to rain, so Astani stopped and bought me my very own umbrella (which I still have to this day!). Umbrellas seem to be the best thing to have out here, keeping everything nice and dry. A bit awkward to hold, but I got the hang out it eventually.

Still have this umbrella.

More uphill followed, but when we got to the prayer flags, it cleared beautifully and we got some sun and saw a rainbow. It was pretty amazing. Spent some time messing around, taking photos, videos. Weighed each other, Astani and Simon seem to think I weigh 55 kilos after picking me up. It was a good time to see everyone relax a bit and be playful.

Simon weighing Astani and….
Astani weighing Simon.

It’s pretty cool how you can bond with people even though there might be a massive language barrier.

I wish I could better describe the mountains, how they looked with the prayer flags and the clouds whisking up slopes, obscuring the valley floor. With the rainbow and the sunshine and a gentle breeze, it was pure magic.

Just a small percentage of how beautiful it actually was.

Soon the clouds took over the sun and we carried on to the next lodge. Parts of the landscape had the look and feel that it could be part of a fantasy movie or epic battle in Lord of the Rings. Just amazing, no matter what direction you turned or looked the view was stunning.

Simon also found this root that looked like it had seeds in it, which Astani says gives you sex power. They both ate a piece at lunch.

We showed up at the lodge around 4ish, and to my surprise there were other English speaking hikers there. They were on their way up to Mera Peak. A group of 5 from Switzerland, but not Swiss, just working and living there. My first impression of them was that they were annoying, but after chatting with them and eating dinner with them, they seemed pretty cool.

Last tea house of the trip!

Had more dal bhat for dinner with some sort of spicy green chili sauce. It’s so so good, but I feel like it might be tearing my insides up just a bit. Totally worth it though. I might have to try and poop after I’m done writing so I don’t end up like last night. Pooping in one of the one pairs of pants you have is not a fun time.

I need to find someone to go on adventure like this with. Not sure if I know anyone currently who would, but there’s got to be someone out there who wants to not shower for 17 days with me.

I talked to the Swiss group about how it’s hard to get people to go on trips like this because you’re essentially asking so do you want to go on this 3 week trip with me where you’ll most likely be cold and miserable and tired and sweaty and dirty and wet and there’s this place called poo cliff and you might poop your pants, but it’ll be great?

It’s hard to get people to say yes to that sort of thing.

This is the last night sleeping in a tea house, we’ll be back in Lukla tomorrow night. I already want to do another trip like this. I like being gross and dirty and tired, both physically and mentally.

Massive boulder in the middle of the tea houses.

We have an early breakfast tomorrow, then we’re headed all the way down. Weird that it’s coming to an end. Sad that it’s coming to an end. I think conditions like this is where I thrive. Where it’s a mental challenge just as much as it is a physical challenge, where you can leave the rules of society and truly be yourself. I talked to Justin back in Khare about how being outside shows you who you really are, when you are totally drained, and cold and hungry and miserable, that when you find out who you really are and what you’re really made of. You see your true self in those moments.

And it seems those moments are becoming rarer and rarer for the average person.

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