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Today Was Hard

September 17

5013 meters tonight! (16,446 feet)

Tea in the morning before leaving up to Khare

Today was hard. Felt sick most of the morning. We did stop by a beautiful lake and made a few rock towers, but my stomach and head felt weird, and I felt just exhausted. I was very glad to make it to the tea house at Khare and not move for a little while. Hung out in my room for the afternoon, headed up to base camp tomorrow then back here I think. Played some Candy Crush with Astani, good times. Simon is so adorable I just want to adopt him as my grandpa.

(As you can tell by the shortness of the post, I must have been feeling a bit out of it.)

Some rock mounds we made on the way to Khare by a glacial run off lake.

September 18

Hiked up to Base Camp this morning at 5415 meters! About 17,000 feet high. And thankfully I feel pretty good. Of course I couldn’t breathe that well while moving, but I didn’t feel like I was dying as much as yesterday. Base Camp was pretty cool, a bunch of tents and everything, stayed maybe 10 minutes or so then headed back down to Khare.

Base Camp, tents and chilliness, glad to be staying at a lower altitude!

I think that the plan for tomorrow is we are going to head up to High Camp at 5780 meters (18,963 feet), stay the night and then off to the summit the next day. Which is going to be crazy! I can’t wait! Going to leave a few things behind, like this journal, to save some weight.

Definitely thinking about getting another job abroad, then maybe heading home for 6 months or so, work hard, train hard, then head off somewhere else. I’m pretty sure Mom would let me work for her and I could either live at home or maybe live at Griff’s. Although transportation might be a bit of an issue, (sold the car for this trip) but I could get a cheap bike maybe?

I wish I had more of an idea of what I want to do with my life. Not sure I have any or enough skills to take up a normal career job, or if I would even want to. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a house or an apartment all my own and do all those things that people who live in one place do. But then I think of all the things they haven’t done that I’ve been able to do. Sometimes its definitely, extremely lonely and I wish that there had been someone to share it with. Or maybe I just need to get better at traveling alone. But I think it would be so much fun to adventure with someone.

Maybe I’ll invite a friend to join me in a van trip through South America. Or anyone. I should learn Spanish first though. But that would be an epic trip. Maybe that’s what I should do, save money, so work flat out for like a year or two, buy a van, fix it up, then just travel with the van. See how far I could get, how many places I could go to.

If I got like 2 or 3 jobs, work for Mom, then maybe EMS (gear discounts!), figure out how to get a job I can do remotely, it could work out. Of course I’d have to live at home or find a place with crazy cheap rent to actually save anything, but it could really work.

The village of Khare

One thing that keeps me wanting to be outside and do crazy long hikes, and camp and get dirty and gross is how good I feel about myself.

During a typical day I probably have way too many negative self thoughts, far more than positive ones. But when I’m tired and cold and been hiking all day, I don’t even think about how I look or what my body looks. Because out here it doesn’t matter if you’re think or fat or pretty or ugly as long as you can get the miles in and get it done. Stepping away from society probably helps too, no worries about if you fit in or if your clothes are fashionable or if you say or do the right thing. It really doesn’t matter.

There’s something so nice about just hanging out with such like minded people, not that I’ve had anyone to hangout with besides Astani and Simon, but still it’s so nice. And to be this disconnected from reality and social media and any obligation to communicate with a world that not immediately around me. Although it’s kind of a forced thing since there is no wifi or anything at the same time its still nice. Be nicer if I had a friend to share it with, but this is not an experience I would trade for millions. Possibly also one of the hardest things I’ve done, but I already want to come back and do it again.

Brief bit of sunshine in Khare

Hoping when I get to Kathmandu to have a chance to meet with those people who’s sister is living in NH. Such a small world that someone who was looking at Mom’s house to rent is from Nepal and has family in Kathmandu. It would be so amazing if they were able to show me around the city a bit, after I take like 15 showers and do some serious sink laundry.

Crazy to think that September 20th I’ll be summiting Mera Peak. My body better let me, I think my mind is strong enough and I want it badly enough. I’ve made it this far, it’s just basically walking with a bit more heavy breathing. But I felt pretty good today, so yeah. Hopefully it’ll be a stunningly clear day so I get to see the best view possible.

Summit Day is also going to be one hell of a long day as the plan is to go up from High Camp to the summit and then all the way back down to Khare. Then after that back to Lukla. And I’m going to take as many photos as possible because to charge my phone it’s just money right?

Some of the mountains surrounding us

Won’t probably have internet until Lukla, or until Kathmandu depending on how cheap I want to be. Can’t wait to send Mom a summit photo. I think this may end up being the longest I’ve been away from social media and the internet in years. Probably good for me!

Watched all the things get packed, tried on a harness and boots and woo! This is actually happening.

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