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Off Season Hiking to Samha

September 15

Home for the night, great pancakes here too!

Half of hiking is digging through your bag in hopes that you can find that one thing you know is in there and it started on the top yet somehow made its way to the very bottom. The other half is griping about how many unnecessary hills there are and wondering when your next meal will be. Spent the morning feeling a bit off but took a poo and felt better, Hopefully that’s not what being at high altitude feels like because that would suck. I’ll have to see how it goes. I’d really like to make it to the summit but I guess my body will decide if I am or not. Going to hope for the best.

Had a pancake with jam and honey, felt better after eating. Then we headed off to a day of mostly going down hill, killer on the calves. Stopped by a tea house around 10am again for lunch, had fried potatoes and cheese with a delicious spicy sauce. It was so good! It was cool hiking in the morning, couldn’t really see much, but the clouds and mist and everything was really cool. Almost like a different world. For a few moments the sun came out, which was lovely. I was down to just a t-shirt and pants at one point. Then loads more downhill after lunch, seemed like we went down hill for almost an hour to the bottom of the valley. Hiked along a river for a while, it started raining so put on rain clothes. And like the really nice guy he is, Astani gave me his rain coat again since mine seems to be utter shit.

Fried potatoes for lunch!

And then we arrived! To Samha, which looked pretty much deserted. Like a ghost town. But there was a place open. It would have a totally different feel doing this hike in the busy season, I might have to come back and do it then. Seems like I always do things in the off season, makes for a lot of time to think about everything but would be a different experience if it was busy.

At Samha for the evening

Either way I’m incredibly excited to be doing this. Really a total and complete once in a life time experience. Probably if it was the busy season I wouldn’t get to eat in the kitchens with the teahouse owners or try fresh cooked buffalo.

View from the tea house dinning room.

Spent the afternoon reading the 2 english magazines, a Science Magazine from 2010 and a National Geographic India. Still its something. And finished the two books on my phone. Should have brought an external battery and maybe some more books. I should ask for a Kindle for one of the upcoming holidays, could be handy.

Found out if you add strawberry flavored drink mix to hot water it takes a lot like warm jello. Not a terrible thing. Also Sherpa tea a second time around is not as great. Tastes a bit off now. But did get to try buffalo, the phone is charging and dinner is on the way. Trying out a veggie and cheese Momo, similar to dumplings.

I think I might have to save up a bunch of money and go do another long trek, like the PCT. I miss the simplicity, the community, the satisfaction. Fuck guide life, I wanna be a dirty thru-hiker. Or maybe mountaineer.

Day 4ish of no shower, not totally gross yet!

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