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Mera Peak: Adventure Day 1

A few years ago (can’t believe it’s been that long already!) I was working in Vietnam as a kayak and rock climb guide and had been saving up my vacation days for a few months. After I left it was no longer allowed, but I managed to save up enough days to plan an epic trip. I knew I wanted to go hike, I knew I wanted it to be exciting, I knew I wanted to go to a country I had never been to.

The office views while I worked in Vietnam.

And so I picked a trek in Nepal. To Mera Peak at 6,476 meters high.

During the trip I kept a journal, writing down my thoughts as the came. And since I was alone besides my guide and porter, I had a lot of spare time.

A warning before you slog through, I have pretty much just copied what I was in my journal, fixed a few spelling and grammar mistakes, and made things a little more cohesive, but some parts may be slow, but these are the real thoughts of my adventure.

September 10
Of course it starts with an emergency landing to a different airport because of bad weather. So now we’re waiting in the plane to hear if the weather in Kathmandu is going to clear out or not. This would happen to me! Makes for a great adventure!

We emergency landed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Kind of a mess of a trip so far, but it worked out in the end. I made it successfully to Kathmandu. Got in like 4 hours later than expected, was supposed to arrive at 10:30pm, but didn’t get there until 3:00am, just a little delayed. Pretty sure the plane ran out of water because they served us just juice the whole time we were waiting, orange or apple. But got meals on both flights, plus extra snacks on the delayed flight. The airport in Kaula Lampur was one of the quietest airports I have ever been to. Got some Starbucks coffee while I was there, because of course! A delicious caramel latte and a croissant. So good. Then a nice pita thing, but maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.

The telephone wires are just part of how busy Hanoi is.

I did ask Miha if he wanted to spend the night with me in Hanoi, so he did. It was nice though I felt like shit the whole time. It’s hard I think because I literally have no deep emotions at all to feel a connection with anyone. Miha is so nice, especially to me, but I just don’t feel the same way at all. I wish I did, but I just don’t. And I know I need to tell him this, but not sure how to. Maybe I just the type to never feel anything ever. Another one of those do I like him or do I just like the attention, or am I just that guarded that I won’t actually let myself really like anyone in case I get hurt.

I’ve got a lot of work to do on myself.

Just keep traveling and avoiding it. That’s worked wonders so far.

But it was cute to have a send off from someone who actually cared about me, someone other than my parents.

The view from my hotel room.

Made it to the bus and the airport without a problem, smooth sailing until the weather delays. Then got to Kathmandu, easy visa process, cool visa for Nepal, then snapped up by a taxi driver out of the airport who definitely over charged me, but dropped me off at the hotel no problem. The ran into the problem of arriving at the wrong hotel because I got booked into another one, so they didn’t have any record of me being there, so there was another issue. Thankfully Salman (from Caravan Outdoors) was awake when we called, so it worked out in the end. Finally got into bed around 4:15am, it was great to finally be in bed.

Gorgeous flowers in the hotel.

Woke up less than 6 hours later, showered, had coffee. Then went to the Caravan office to meet Salman and sort everything out. I still needed to buy travel insurance, then realized my card was not working, so had to call the bank to sort it out, then was finally able to pay for it all.

But cool thing is I get my own personalized sign for the summit photo since I’m the only one going on the trip. My guide took me around to buy clothes for the trip since I pretty much only have nothing. Not so much doing the adventure thing today, but what I’ve seen, it’s amazing here. I may have to come back. The weather is beautiful, the people have been lovely, I can’t wait to get started.

New heavy duty winter clothes for the trip!

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