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Spring time means…

After a week or horrible, terrible spring time weather, today finally feels like a spring day. The sun is out, the last remains of the snow is melting, the chickens have escaped their pen again, and the house is clean.

Deep cleaning meant organizing the coffee cup shelves

But probably not for long.

I do live with two dogs, a cat and sometimes messy roommates (myself included, it’s so much easier not to take shoes off if you’re just going right back outside again) so the house staying clean is a shot in the dark. But it’s cozy and lived in, not sterile and unwelcoming.

In addition to a good deep clean, the house is getting some much needed updates. Well, no so much updates as things that just need to happen, including a fancy rolling ladder! We’ve had a super cool loft above the kitchen since moving in, but unfortunately no good way to get up into it. So it’s been empty, useless space for a little while now.

The inaccessible loft will become accessible!

Spring time means that my grandparents (and carpenter Grandpa) come back from their winter home in Florida, which means projects can be done! Yesterday my Gramp came over and we spent the morning trying to figure out the best way to build a ladder, how to attach the hardware to make it roll, and what the best tread steps for the ladder would be. It was a whole lot more complicated that I thought, but in a few weeks we’ll have an awesome rolling ladder to our loft.

Spring time also means rearranging the various plants in the house. I moved a few smaller ones to their own window sill, so I think they’ll be very happy there. They have yet to complain.

One of our plants, which Dan calls ugly but don’t tell the plant that, flowered for the first time recently. I have no idea what the plant is, but the flowers were these little plasticky looking things. They started as tight little buds then bloomed into soft pink fuzzy petaled flowers. Pretty awesome.

The buds and flowers from our unknown plant.
Varying sizes and colors

We also acquired 3 new chickens to round out our flock to a grand total of six. At first there were some arguments over new territory, but they all seem to be getting along so far. I never knew that chickens were smart enough to be territorial but apparently they can be.

We haven’t had a consistent production of eggs yet, it seems to range in quantity from 3 up to 5 a day. Haven’t hit that magic number six yet. And haven’t quite reached a consistent size in eggs yet either. Some of the eggs coming out make me feel pretty bad for the chicken who pushed it out.

New chickens settling in.

Spring time means summer is just around the corner. Longer, warmer days. Shorter nights. Tans and t-shirts. More hiking, more climbing, maybe more sending (as long as I can get over being afraid!). Spring time is happiness and freedom and things are alive.

Windowsill plants

Note: Sorry for the rambling, I need to get back into the consistent blog writing. So bare with me for the next few posts as they will most likely be horribly painful to read!

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