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Better Late Than Never

New Year Thoughts

This is nearly a week late into the New Year, but better late than never, yeah?

It seems like the social media world has been flooded with all things new years. Resolutions, new year new me, plans to lose weight, plans to pick up a new hobby, plans to start exercising, plans to do this, plans to do that.

And I’ve succumbed to that whole New Year thing. I’ve got goals I want to accomplish too, and you know what? The beginning of the year seems like a pretty good excuse to make these goals into plans.

Some of it might be the almost insane amount of podcasts I’ve been listening to (it gets really, really boring listening to music after painting alone hours and hours) or maybe it’s some of the Christmas gifts I got this year (some of those 1 question a day for 5 years journals) or maybe it’s because I’m turning 27 this year. In a few days in fact. (I’ll get back to that part later.)

Five year (5 year) journals are really interesting, they ask you a question each day for 5 years.
Starting off the year with a 5 Year Journal, it will be interesting to see how my answers change.

Or maybe it’s a combination of all of those and that I want to be a better me and I actually want to have goals and plans (changeable of course).

Whatever the cause is, I’ve written down what my happiest self looks like in 10 years, dreams I will have achieved in 10 years, and 1 goal that will get me there the fastest.

I can’t take full credit for this idea, it comes from one of the podcasts I was listening to. Or again maybe the combination of podcasts.

Whatever it is, here they are.

In 10 years:

The idea here was to write down as many dreams, and as detailed a life that you see yourself being happiest in 10 years

  • I will be happy with myself
  • I will be my own boss
  • I will own a café/bakery/climbing gym/bar
  • I will wake up and love my job
  • I will have the ability to help others
  • I will create amazing baked goods
  • My café/bakery/climbing gym/bar will be welcoming for everyone
  • I will be a climber
  • I am able to go hike for a week at a time, at least once a year
  • I own a horse
  • I have filled my passport and am working on filling a second one
  • I have a personal style
  • My week is busy but exciting
  • My blog is popular
  • I have published a book
  • I will be a New York Times Best Seller
  • I will wake up next to someone I love
  • I own chickens
  • I have a million dollars in the bank
  • I have a house full of plants
  • I have a cozy living room
  • I am a successful business owner

10 Dreams:

Then you write down what dreams you have for yourself in 10 years, as many as you want, then narrow them down to 10.

Writing down your dreams for the future is helpful in setting what goals and plans you have, even if they change it is helpful to know that you have these thoughts.
I have a lot of dreams, but it wasn’t that hard to narrow them down to the top 10.
  • I am a New York Times Best Seller
  • I have lived in a van and traveled across the country
  • My bank account has a million dollars in it
  • I have won a class at Quarter Horse Congress
  • I am happy with myself and my body
  • I am the owner of a successful café/bakery/climbing gym/bar
  • I am disgustingly happy with my life
  • I am an exceptional human being
  • I do no harm, but take no shit
  • Dan and I have worked together to build our best selves

One Goal

And finally you establish one goal that you think will get you started on your 10 dreams the fastest.

  • Build a better relationship with my self
    • Work out 3x a week
    • Write in journals daily
    • Establish better eating habits
    • Love myself

So there you have it. And considering I’m going to be 27 tomorrow, I’ve got until I’m 37 to make these things into reality.

The best way to start a cold winter day in Vermont is with a cup of coffee, a 5 year journal and some thinking.
This is how I’ve been starting my mornings, a cup of coffee, some blogging, and answering a question in each of my journals.

For a while, I’ve felt like I haven’t really had any direction in my life. That I was just kind of living each day as it came and wasn’t really thinking past the weekend, or at least the next holiday. I still feel like I’m not entirely sure where I want my life to go, so these dreams and plans could very well change before the end of the week. Having something written down, though, has forced me to at least think about thinking about what I want in the future.

I should thank the Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis for the 10-10-1 goals, and the Don’t Keep Your Day Job podcast with Cathy Heller for inspiring me to not want to keep painting houses for the rest of my life.

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