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Keep Austin Weird

So this week I’ve left the cold of New England and ventured down south to Austin Texas to visit my best friend and former college roommate, Angela. We both went to college in Canyon, Texas, and have been friends ever since! 

I’ve had the flight scheduled since September, and have been so excited to get here! I visited once back in college, for Thanksgiving break because there was no way I was flying all the way home for a good meal, and thankfully Austin was just a few (8 or so) hour drives from the college campus.

My roommate and I posing in front of a giant David Bowie poster in one of the many bars in Austin, Texas. During the trip we drank, ate bbq, and had so much fun.
Always classy with David Bowie

Since we were both poor college kids we did all the free and cheap stuff, so this time, we both (well maybe not me) have big kid jobs and a little more spending money. Which means this trip was just a little different than the previous one! 

Austin is a pretty cool city, as far as cities go. I’m not sure if I’m cut out to live the city life, but if I had to live in an urban environment, I might just pick Austin.

We toured the famous 6th Street, well barely, I think all the good Texas food was getting to me. Which is why people travel right, for the food?

I hadn’t had Tex Mex in so long, so getting some real chips and queso was amazing. And tacos, and breakfast tacos. The first night we had some food truck tacos, amazing! And later hit up a place called Velvet Taco, they had an endless list of tacos. I got their special of the day taco, a spicy chicken one. So good.

And of course we also had some killer BBQ. How could you go to Texas and not get barbecue? Wish I had been able to take a bottle of the sauce on the plane ride home, but can’t bring liquids on carry on bags. Ribs and brisket are probably some of my favorite foods.

Please enjoy this stock photo of some ribs. (The real ones were so much better!)

We went house shopping, and regular shopping, and food shopping. So much shopping!

It was great to see Angela, but I don’t think my body is cut out to be in a city. It’s great for a few days, but the whole idea of having to deal with traffic, and lots of traffic every day scares me. I get nervous when there’s more than three cars on the road at home!

And typical of both us us, we managed to only get one photo… I think one of my New Years resolutions is going to be to take more photos! (So please excuse the large amount of stock photos here!)

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