Coffees and Hot Dogs

Road trip day one, a successful start. We didn’t kill each other after six hours of driving and only had to stop a few times for bathroom breaks and coffee.

No one died, no one peed their pants, and Benny even settled down into the back seat.

I gulped down multiple pumpkin-spice flavored coffees (in case you’re wondering extra large hot coffee with two creams and two pumps of pumpkin spice syrup) and was maybe riding the caffeine high so the driving went by pretty quick!

We got on the Thruway and drove a whole bunch of miles until we reached Buffalo and stopped at Ted’s.

Ted's Hot Dogs in Amherst New York are highly recommended.
Ted's Hot Dogs in Amherst New York are highly recommended. Hot dogs and loganberry!

I did not know you could get fast food hot dogs but I’d highly recommend it. We also got a loganberry, which was as good as Dan said it was. If you are ever in Buffalo stop at a Ted’s and get dogs and loganberry drinks.

A few minutes down the road we reached Dan’s uncles’ house. The garage was packed full of canoes and windsurf boards, which I always take as a good sign. Outdoorsy people are always good people. We spent a while talking and catching up, more Dan than me on the catching up part. Got fed some kettle corn and Genesee, amazing people! And so nice too, they offered to pay for our hotel room and put us up for the night, but we had already booked the room. Next time!

Headed out to check in to our hotel (the only night we’re paying for a hotel) and dropped Benny off then headed to dinner at the Anchor Bar.

Anchor Bar is famous for inventing the Buffalo Wing.

Months leading up to this trip all Dan talked about was how good the food was, how great the wings were, how good the pizza is, that loganberry drinks are amazing and how we have to try something called beef on weck.

I’m still unsure what beef on weck is, but the wings were pretty amazing. I probably could have eaten all 20 Anchor Bar hot wings by myself. Might have regretted that the next morning, I hear it’s hotter coming out than going in, but they were so good. Dan’s uncle and aunt did slip in and get dinner for us; we did try to pay for it though!

Anchor Bar home to the Buffalo Wing!
Anchor Bar home to the Buffalo Wing!Leftover pizza and wings means lunch later.

Zoomed back to the hotel with leftover pizza and wings, lunch for the next day! Took Benny out for potty time and a quick walk, then to bed. Dan said he heard some noises made only in horizontal positions during the night, and loud ones at that, but I heard nothing and slept like a rock.

Headed out to West Virginia the next rainy morning.

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