Packing for a climbing multisport road trip is hard
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How Not To Pack

As exciting as road trips are, I absolutely hate the packing part of it. Maybe it’s the organization part of it I really hate. But whatever it is, I’d really rather have someone do it all for me,

Luckily, I do. Well, almost.

My boyfriend, Dan (who is awesome and you may get to meet him later), and I have been planning a trip to Kentucky and it is finally here. We leave Sunday! He’s made list after list and planned the perfect itinerary; I think he started packing the beginning of the week.

I thought about packing at the beginning of the week.

The to-do list for our Kentucky climbing road trip, still need to pack.
The To-Do list before we leave.

He’s an amazing planner, somehow incredibly organized even though he’s constantly losing his keys and phone and shoes and socks and underwear.

I’m the type to pack the night before a six-month trip, but that’s another post for another time.

Packing is nothing more than planning for things that might happen. Yes, I understand it’s important. Yes, I understand that it’s obviously a necessary thing if I want to go places. But does it need to be so time-consuming?

Have to make sure I have socks and undies for multiple days. Pants in case it’s cold, shorts in case it’s hot. Nice shirts in case we go for dinner somewhere nice, not nice shirts for all the climbing and hiking we’re doing. I never know how many pairs of how many things to bring and always, always end up over packing.

Packing for a climbing multisport road trip is hard

Or I horribly under pack and have to buy underwear in bulk at the Walmart.

Either way, I have yet to find that perfect balance. So don’t pack like I do. Get a list together, cross it off as you go, figure out what you need and what you don’t need. Like I probably don’t need my cat leggings and my unicorn leggings, but they’re both coming anyways.

In my defense, we are doing a variety of activities with a dog, so I have to be prepared for all the things.

According to the itinerary, we have a 35-hour road trip planned if we were to just go get it and do all the driving at once. But since it’s a road trip, there are a lot of stops along the way.

Kentucky climbing road trip itinerary, according to the plan.
Our road trip itinerary, so glad I have a boyfriend who can plan ahead so I don’t have to!

First stop is in Buffalo, NY to visit Dan’s uncle and get the best wings and pizza that exist. I’m pretty excited for both, I haven’t met a lot of Dan’s family and I love wings and pizza. I’m thinking I might gain about 15 pounds on this road trip.

Next, we head to West Virginia, New River Gorge for a bit of climbing, then off to Louisville hopefully in time to make a bourbon tour. I’m also planning on making Dan drive through Lexington to see the beautiful horse farms there.

Then we’ll spend a few days at Red River Gorge in Kentucky, get some sweet climbing in, even though I haven’t climbed in ages. Probably will struggle and get scared on a 5.7, but that is okay.

After climbing we head to Columbus, Ohio, for The All American Quarter Horse Congress, where I get to geek out about horses. I did show there, once, in a previous life, but will show there again. I’m pretty excited to get Dan some exposure to the crazy horse girl he signed up for.

And then after looking horses worth more than my house, we’ll drive all the way back to Vermont in one giant and epic push. It’s gonna be great.

I’ve already planned the snacks I want to get (Dunkin Donuts coffee, pumpkin-themed donut, frozen yogurt) and picked out a cup to pee in just in case the strict no bathroom rule actually comes into play!

If you have tips for packing or know how to be more organized and know how to make it enjoyable, let me know. Please!

Packed and ready for our Kentucky climbing road trip, need to learn how to be more organized.
Packed and ready to go for the road trip, and this is just my stuff!

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