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More coffee or more hours

Is it normal to wake up and be so tired your eyeballs ache?

Maybe the whole getting up at 6am everyday just takes some getting used to. But I am trying to be more productive, to get my goals and all that jazz. It does feel like I could use a few more hours in the day and a few more pots of coffee per day, but work in progress right?

A little bit of progress is better than a none bit of progress?

This week was a bit crazy from the very beginning. My boyfriend and I made a budget, found out we are dreadfully short each month to achieve a potential van life.

bank banking black and white budget
I should get a change jar, might fund my coffee addiction

Side note does anyone know how I can legally sell a kidney?

We also set some goals, which is exhausting trying to get done each day, went climbing at the gym, he cooked up a storm with some amazing steak pinwheels and some chili and I bought some new notebooks. Not the really pretty nice ones that have the moleskin covers and the cute quotes on the cover, but the cheap spiral bound ones that come in packs of 3.

The cute ones were most definitely not in the budget.

I did also have three writing groups to attend, may have spread myself a little thin there, but gotta get the hustle on. I got to do a lot of reading, a lot of meeting other people, and a lot of coffee drinking.

The weather is getting cooler now too, so all I want to do is cuddle up in bed under some fuzzy blankets, drink my body weight in hot chocolate, and watch all the Hallmark channel movies.

But I got goals to get to.

Pretty awesome view at 8am

Managed to get out for a quick hike with my brother, his dog, Oakley, and my dog Benny. Then back to the grind.

If days could be longer that would be great.

Maybe I just need to start waking up at 5am.

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