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Officially licensed

This past weekend I checked one of those things off the bucket list. No, I’m (hopefully) not getting close to the end of my life, or even half way to the end of my life, but it’s always a good idea to get a jump on these types of things.

So I went and got my motorcycle license.

All the riding had I done in Vietnam certainly helped me out a lot! And the bikes we got to use for the riding part of class were by far way nicer than anything I had ever even touched before.

The class started with an online course that had to be completed before hand, and let me tell you, it was like listening to college lectures again. Incredibly dry and monotone. It took me several days to complete the 3 hour course simple because my brain couldn’t handle the dryness.

After having passed that part, it was on to the more fun stuff, the actual riding of motorcycle stuff. The course was a whole weekend, Friday night through Sunday afternoon. Class room work started us off on Friday, all that first day paper work and silly hands on games, getting to know everyone in the class and things like that. I can see the value in it though, more getting us ready to be prepared for others driving mistakes than our own.

This is the bad boy I got to ride.

Saturday was the day we got to hop on some bikes and start them up! We practiced turning the bikes on and off again, shocking they didn’t need to be kick started! Then did some power walking with them, and finally were allowed to ride them fully, although still only in first gear. We did get to hit second, briefly, but so much fun!

Sunday was the test day, although we had a few more practices to get in. We practiced swerving and riding over a fallen 2×4, and getting up to speed at 20 miles per hour. Then all decided we’d rather skip lunch and go straight for the tests, mostly just to get it out of the way.

There was a ridden test and a written test. The riding portion consisted of 5 different sections, and the only real way to fail right off the bat was to drop the bike. I had already done that earlier, so I was all good to go.

Passed the riding and the written test, only a few errors on a tight left turn, and then I was officially ready to ride!

Pretty excited to have that “M” on my license, although I still need to get a bike.

Got that “M”!

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