Weekly Prompt, writing

Are you ready?

Writing Prompt #1

“Are you ready?”

The sun was slowly rising. Rays spreading across dark sky, cutting through the sleepy clouds. Below birds stretched their wings, opened their voices to a new day. A cat meowed at a door, wanting to be let in after a long night hunting.

Inside the house, its occupants stirred. Toilets flushed, coffee started the satisfying drip into its warmed pot. Not yet awake voices murmured quietly, scolding the cat for being so loud so early.

Coffee was poured into generously sized mugs, one with cream, one black. Quietly it was gulped down, tongues partially scalded but they continued to drink. Eggs were cracked, fresh from the chickens that past night, they sizzled in the pan. Bacon was laid down, sending that welcomed aroma into the air. Bread shoved into a toaster, butter set on the counter.

Voices louder now, more awake, more alive, more ready for the day. Second cups of coffee were handed out, one with cream, one without. They were both working today despite it being a Saturday, but not for hours.

Plenty of time for breakfast. Plenty of time to ready themselves for the day.

Eggs were flipped, toast popped, bacon gently removed from the pan. Plated, toast buttered, eggs on, bacon dipped in syrup.

They thought about thirds on coffee, decided against it. Sat down and ate. Fully awake now. Discussed the day, the plans, the dinner last night, the weather. Wiped up runny yolk with toast ends.

Talked about another cup of coffee, decided for it. One with cream, one without.

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